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Video TV

Different channels exist to provide quality music videos; these channels make up music video television or music video TV for short. Music video TV doesn't only feature all music types but also now provides channels that focus on a particular genre or audience.

A brief history of music video TV

Though MTV emerged as the pioneer in official music video TV in 1981, music videos themselves had existed years before that. Near the beginning of the 20th century, visuals had already been incorported into music. However, it was during the birth of American channel MTV that music video TV was introduced to the public who were thrilled about the idea of watching music videos all day long. Music video TV expanded through the emergence of other music video channels.

Music video TV, however, introduced music lovers and fans to the world of music videos and even made its way to the Internet as well.

Music video TV channels and programming

Music video TV has expanded since 1981's MTV. Music video channels are now available to different audiences. Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a music video TV directed to African Americans, while other music video channels are established not only to please particular audience but also lovers of particular genres. Some channels can be viewed in many countries, such as Channel V, which is available in several countries including Korea, India and Australia. MTV, however, still reaches more viewers than any other music video TV channels. MTV has also made way for a second channel, MTV2.

Not only channels that play mostly music videos are part of music video TV. Shows that feature music videos are also relevant members of music video TV. An example of such a show is BBC's Top of the Pops, which on its own can demonstrate what music video TV is all about.

The role of music video TV

Music video TV is a means of marketing the music of the artists involved in the video. Through attractive or unique visuals, music videos entice audiences to buy the album or single. Music videos create the definitive image an artist wants for himself or herself. Music video TV provides quality entertainment to people who want to hear music all the time, while getting to know their admired personalities.

The changing trends of music video TV

Music video TV has changed with the times. It now leans towards the popular reality television shows. Instead of playing music videos all day, channels like MTV now include several non-musical features, such as reality programs and dating shows.

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